The Future for Native Cultures

Exploring the knowledge, understanding, and ideas from our cultural roots

Exploring the knowledge, understanding, and ideas of our different native cultures, and what our native cultures have learned about how things work in our world and what works from their experience and different points of view, and exploring what we can do to increase the contributions of our different native cultures to creating a future for the world that works for everyone.

“We haven’t really connected with the world view of the native cultures who value somewhat different things.

There is only one message in this and it goes back to the legend of the gift the red man brings, and the thing he cares for is earth and his understanding that we belong to the earth and the earth doesn’t belong to us. That is the key message at the foundation of what runs this story. Because with that understanding and that viewpoint, greed, power, and all those things play no part. But it fully illustrates the native world view, completely, I think.

It is the foundation of the native world view and it is in contrast with the foundation of the non-native world view. But we don’t need to contrast it. We don’t need to do right or wrong. All we are bringing, finally, is the ultimate gift that native people can bring to the world. This understanding that we belong to the earth. It doesn’t belong to us.”

Roger Chilton
Story Conversation
Looking to our past to find our way in the future

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What we can do

We can increase our knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of our world and improve our ability to become more informed about what is happening and what is important by creating a process, a system, a structure, and an environment to make creative community enterprise around ideas and interests we have in common possible.