My Story

In the new world, our opportunities to learn have never been greater. There is no interest, idea, enterprise, or story we can not explore and learn from in our theatre of the new world, the internet. Our ability to learn how to become more successful in pursuit of our interests however still lies in our ability to learn how things work, how we work, and what contributes to creating connections and relationships with one another to create possibilities together.

Our blueprint for the future in the new world is to explore and learn how to demonstrate creative leadership, creative entrepreneurship, and creative contribution in the communities we are part of and to pursue opportunities to create a place for ourselves in the communities we would like to be part of and contribute to. Demonstrating our creative contribution increases our value to our community and improves our ability to create connections, community, and creative enterprise with others.

We learn from our experience. We contribute to creating our experience. We create with our experience. Our blueprint for the future lies in learning how to create with our experience, as individuals, as communities, and as a community.

What we can do

What we can do to improve our ability to create possibilities for the future of our world is to focus our attention on learning how we learn, learning how to learn, and learning how we can improve our ability to learn from one another, learn with one another, and learn how to create possibilities with and for one another.

What we can do is focus our attention on creating a future for our learning resources in our theatre of a new world that increases their contribution to our knowledge, understanding, and ability to create a new world for our future.

Roger Chilton
Blueprint for the Future
My Point of View

Our creative interests

Creating the future with our learning resources and increasing the contribution of our learning resources to our creative interests and creative possibilities.